RF MEMS SmarTuners

LTE Smartphones have small integrated antennas that are required to support many different frequency bands, ranging from 600 MHz to 6 GHz.  Large displays, thin smartphone profiles, and advanced standards are squeezing the antennas into smaller volumes. The antenna’s efficiency and bandwidth are a product of volume. Lower antenna efficiency results in data rates that are a fraction of what is promised while draining battery life.

Cavendish Kinetics’ RF MEMS SmarTuners solve the problem. SmarTuners are attached to the aperture of the antenna to dynamically change the electrical length, allowing the phone to precisely tune to any frequency band. SmarTuners can also be used for impedance matching to maximize the power transfer to the antenna. Aperture Tuning and Impedance Matching can even be combined to further optimize RF performance.

RF MEMS SmarTuners provide the highest Q-factors that enable maximum-efficiency antennas. SmarTuners have a small footprint and tolerate high RF voltages, giving designers flexible placement at every position on the antenna aperture. RF MEMS SmarTuners are accurate and reliable so the antenna will always be tuned perfectly.
Download the SmarTune Antenna Tuner Product Brief to find out more!