The Defense industry has some of the most complex and demanding RF requirements.   RF MEMS has long been seen as a key enabling technology for wireless communication and radar systems. Cavendish Kinetics provides defense companies with a reliable commercially available product, which has the flexibility to be used in several applications.

Phased Array Radar is an example application.  The principle of such antenna is very similar to Mobile Infrastructure beam forming. Tunable filters play also an important role in wireless communication systems for the defense industry. Military radios may have requirements to adapt to a wide range of frequencies or modulation schemes.  To enable Software Defined Radios, traditional fixed filters can be turned into tunable filters using RF MEMS.

The example demonstrates a simple tunable LC bandpass filter, which tunes between 1.7 and 2.1 GHz. Tunable series RF MEMS capacitors shift the resonance frequency, while tunable shunt RF MEMS capacitors are used to adjust the bandwidth of the filter.