LTE/5G Smartphone

As LTE/5G standards advance and additional frequency bands are added around the world, the smartphone RF Front end is getting very complex. More switches, filters, and amplifiers are being added to address this complexity. However more RF components translates to more signal loss. Advanced LTE standards promise outstanding data rates, but realized data rates are only a fraction of that promise. In addition, aggressive smartphone form factors are forcing internal antennas into smaller volume. This reduces antenna efficiency, and makes it very difficult to cover the wide range of required frequency bands.

Cavendish Kinetics is the solution. Our products maximize RF performance due to the high Q and extremely low loss nature of RF MEMS. Aperture antenna tuning dynamically maximizes the radiated efficiency in any band. Tunable impedance matching maximizes power transfer to the antenna in any condition. Antenna Transfer Switching maximizes performance under various blocking conditions caused by head/hand effect or other factors.

The animated schematic below illustrates the role Cavendish Kinetics RF MEMS will play in RF Front End evolution.