Application Overview

RF MEMS can bring significant value to any type of wireless communication, including smartphones, infrastructure, defense, and more.

Smartphones use RF MEMS today for Antenna Tuning and Impedance matching to dynamically vary the antenna resonance while maximizing power transfer.  RF MEMS technology can also be used across the conducted path in the RF Front End (RFFE) to lower insertion loss and improve isolation.

Mobile Infrastructure uses RF MEMS today for antenna beam forming.  Multi-element-arrays are phase shifted electronically to steer a lobe for maximum performance.

The Defense sector uses RF MEMS today in military radios.  Multiple RF MEMS devices create low-loss tunable filters that can operate across a broad spectrum for software definable radios (SDR).

The schematics show general RF MEMS usage which can be applicable to several markets:

  • Antenna Aperture tuning
  • Antenna Impedance matching
  • Transfer switching (or diversity switching)
  • Fan-in and fan-out switching for band-filters
  • Power amplifier matching
  • Phased Array Antenna
  • Tunable filters
Application Overview