Antenna Tuner Requirements

Smart Antenna Tuning requiresTunable_Antenna_and_switch.png

  • The controlled addition/removal of small amounts of capacitance to the antenna's radiating element in order to change its electrical characteristics and thereby move its operating frequency

The Perfect Antenna Tuner is

  • Accurate and reliable so the Antenna will always be tuned perfectly
  • Tiny so it can be attached to the smartphone antenna easily
  • Easily controlled, so it can be used like existing ASM switches
  • Lossless, so RF signal strength and quality is not compromisedChip_photo.png

The Cavendish SmarTune devices are:

  • Accurate: capacitance step sizes from 20 fF to 130 fF
  • Reliable: qualified over 50 billion cycles without spec failure
  • Tiny: a 2mm2 WLCSP chip that requires no external components
  • Easily controlled: through a simple, industry standard MIPI interface that drives the integrated 5-bit logic and charge pump
  • Perfect: Cavendish's MEMS technology delivers the industry's lowest signal 'resistance' at 0.3 Ohm, less than 1/5 that of a comparable SOI switch, and is effectively lossless